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Smash & Grab

We are an Authorised LLumar Fitment Centre

LLumar automotive films offer 99 % UV protection with varying degrees of solar and anti–shatter resistance. LLumar's durable, scratch-resistant surface is easy to clean and maintain and carries a factory-backed warranty.

LLumar automotive films offer an array of optically clear and tinted options and known for their quality and patented scratch-resistant coating, LLumar films are durable and virtually maintenance free.

  • Solar Control Films
    Solar control film keeps a car's interior cool and comfortable while reducing the load on the air conditioning system. LLumar’s UV rejection protects your car’s interior from fading and cracking. UV-rays penetrate glass and can cuase the car's interior to fade, age and crack.
    The same UV-rays pose a risk of skin cancer to you and your passengers.
    More advantages
    • Protection against harmful UV-rays
    • Reduces heat, creating a collar, more comfortable environment for you and your passengers
    • and saves fuel as less air-conditioning is necessary
    • Filters out distracting glare, providing a safer view of the road.
  • Safety & Security Films
    Safety and security film holds shattered glass in place, thereby
    • reducing the likelihood of personal injury in an accident from flying glass
    • flying glass is contained and does not interfere with airbag performance
    • reducing solar energy and flare thus increaing comfort protecting the interior upholstery of the vehicle
    • and deterring 'smash and grab' thieves. It creates a strong barrier of defence against 'smash and grab' attacks - it holds the shards of glass in place slowing the intruder's access into the vehicle.
    • keeping valuables out of plain sight.

It is available as:

  • clear film
  • a 50% light transmitting film (the lightest available)
  • a 35% light transmitting film (the darkest legal film)
  • a 15% light transmitting film, however, this is not legal in RSA.

The best films require the best technicians - our technicians are trained by LLumar to install the LLumar
safety and security film to achieve maximum performance.

All LLumar Automotive Films installed by LLumar Authorised Fitment Centres are in accordance with the highest standards and carry a 5 year warranty from the date of installation.